Potted Vs. Field Grown Trees

There are 2 main differences between our premium Potted trees and our Field Grown trees.

1) The length of time a tree is grown and cared for at the nursery

A potted tree is grown for 1-2 years in a #15 gallon pot before it is ready for sale. A Field Grown tree is grown for 3+ years in the field before it is saleable. It goes without saying that the longer a tree is grown on our property, the more nutrients and care we are able to give it.

2) How a Potted tree is shipped off the property vs. a Field Grown Tree

Our Potted trees are shipped off the nursery exactly how they're grown: in a #15 gallon pot. This is convenient for people who don't have heavy equipment at their disposal since these trees only weigh ~80 lbs. Our Field Grown trees are dug out of the field with a tree spade, tied up into a burlap bag, and secured with a wire basket. This means the tree is extremely heavy - weighing upwards of 450 lbs. The inclusion of more soil is to the customer's benefit. Yes, it's heavier. But it also includes nutrient & microbe rich soil that we have worked hard to cultivate at the nursery. This makes transplanting easier for the tree.

Both types of trees are a great choice but we are excited to add Field Grown trees to our shop since it gives customers access to larger trees. Less waiting time for the end user to see a big, beautiful tree like they imagine when thinking of their landscape. 

Potted Starlite Crabapple

Field Grown Starlite Crabapple

If you're interested in purchasing Field Grown trees visit the collection:


Please keep in mind that we do offer delivery for our Field Grown trees but customers must have access to heavy equipment to unload and plant once the trees arrive. Call the office to arrange deliver: 1-877-289-3813. 



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