When it comes to picking the right tree, the options can seem endless. It's important to consider the location you are planting in - trees will thrive in certain areas and do poorly in other areas depending on the species. You should also consider the functionality you would like to get out of your tree: privacy, shade, beautification - you get the gist. 

The Okanagan Valley is a great place to grow a strong & healthy tree. Here are our top 6 picks for trees that will thrive in Vernon BC:

#1 Patmore Elm

A fast growing tree with dark green foliage that turns bright yellow in the fall. An excellent shade tree that adapts well to a variety of soil conditions and does well in most urban situations.

  • Attractive yellow fall colour
  • Excellent shade tree
  • Fast growing

the best fast growing tree to plant in vernon bc: patmore elm

#2 Prairie Spire Ash

A narrow, upright, seedless variety of Ash that adapts to a wide range of soils. Long lasting golden fall colour. More compact growing habit than the Patmore Ash.

  • Adaptable to many different soil types
  • Seedless
  • Long lasting golden fall colour
  • More compact than Patmore Ash

the best shade tree to plant in vernon bc: prairie spire ash

#3 Autumn Blaze Maple

An upright broadly oval tree with brilliant scarlet-red fall colour.

  • Extremely tolerant in poor soil
  • Drought tolerant
  • Hardy

the best maple tree to plant in salmon arm bc: autumn blaze maple

#4 Sienna Glen Maple 

The perfect Maple Tree to plant in Vernon BC. This tree features a strong central leader with smaller, delicate leaves.
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Tough & hardy

Sienna Glen Maple grown at Purple Springs Nursery in Armstrong BC

#5 Gladiator Crabapple

The perfect flowering tree for Vernon BC. A narrowly upright to columnar form with burgundy foliage. Stunning clusters of rose coloured flower buds open to fragrant pink blossoms, followed by showy purple fruit.

  • Beautiful feature tree
  • Flower & fruit

    Gladiator Crabapple tree grown in Armstrong BC

    #6 Showy Mountain Ash

    Small, narrow open ornamental tree with dark green feather-like compound leaves that turn yellow to red in fall. A slow growing native species with white flowers followed by red fruit clusters. An attractive array of colours year round. Disease resistant and very hardy.

    Special Features:

    • White flowers & red fruit
    • Disease resistant
    • Very hardy

    the best ornamental tree to plant in vernon bc: showy mountain ash


    All of our trees will perform well in the Vernon area - they're grown right next door in Armstrong BC after all. But if you're stuck and don't know where to start, we hope this list helps!

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